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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are travel, hotel, or food included?
Sorry, we won't be able to pay for any of these expenses. We hope that won't dissuade you from participating.
Where can I stay in Cambridge or Boston?
Where can I park?
MIT provides a list of parking facilities on or near campus for visitors.
Where is MIT?
MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just across the river from Boston. Cambridge is home to both MIT and Harvard University.
What is the AMC score cutoff?

The cutoff scores will change each year. In general, they will be close to the scores needed to qualify for the AIME exam, or a little above.

Is the prize money taxable?
Yes, cash awards are generally treated as taxable income. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.
How and to whom is the prize money distributed?
We will issue the prize money as checks made out to the winning students. Before distributing the checks, we reserve the right to verify the students' eligibility and application information. We expect to mail the checks within 60 days of the contest.
Can I use the prize money for anything or must it go toward tuition?
The money is yours to do with as you like. Your parents may have some ideas on what to do with the award. Paying for college education is certainly one good use, but the decision is yours.
What if I miss the deadline?
Sorry, we can't accept applications after the deadline. If eligible, you can apply next year.
It's after February and I didn't know about the AMC exams. Are there any exceptions?
Sorry, every applicant must have taken one of the AMC exams in February of the same year as the contest. We have no other practical and uniform mechanism to compare the math abilities of students. Standardized tests such as the SAT are less rigorous than the AMC exams and so we can't accept scores from them. More than 200,000 students take the AMC 10 and 12 exams each year. If you can, we urge you to take the AMC exams next February and then apply for Math Prize next year.
How much does it cost to register for the Math Prize?
Nothing! There is no fee to apply or to participate.
What is the format of the contest?
The contest will consist of 20 problems in 2.5 hours. The problems will be challenging ones that test mathematical creativity and insight. Answers will be numerical. Topics will not stray beyond high-school mathematics; there will be no calculus on the contest.
What is the Advantage Testing Foundation?
The Advantage Testing Foundation is the public-service arm of Advantage Testing, a private tutorial service dedicated to academic rigor and long-term educational development. The mission of the AT Foundation is to advance the academic and professional students of every background by expanding their educational opportunities.
I mistyped part of my application. What should I do?
Send us a message on our Contact form explaining what needs to be corrected. We will update your record.
I'm not sure whether I can make it to Massachusetts. Should I apply?
By applying, you are indicating that you are likely to come to Massachusetts in September if selected. If, after applying and being selected, you realize that you won't be able to participate, please let us know as soon as possible. We might be able to offer your spot to someone else.