We will award a total of $54,000 in cash prizes to the top 10 winners. Specifically, here are the prize amounts:

1st Prize $31,000
2nd Prize $10,000
3rd Prize $5,000
4th Prize $2,000
5th Prize $1,000
6th Prize $1,000
7th Prize $1,000
8th Prize $1,000
9th Prize $1,000
10th Prize $1,000

We will also award a $1000 "Youth Prize" to the top performer in 9th grade or below.

Before distributing these cash prizes, we reserve the right to verify students' eligibility and application information. No student may win more than $50,000 at the Math Prize over multiple years.

In addition to these prizes, we will award Honorable Mention trophies to between 20 and 25 other top performers. Students who receive an Honorable Mention award or better will receive $250 merit scholarships to the Canada/USA MathCamp summer program, provided their applications are accepted.

Every contestant will receive a few gifts, including (courtesy of Wolfram Research) a complimentary copy of Mathematica for Students, a powerful computer program for performing mathematical computations.

We will invite our top 35 performers (Honorable Mention and above) to participate in the Advantage Testing Foundation Math Prize Olympiad, a proof-based contest to be administered later in the year.