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Inspiring Young Women to Become the Mathematical Leaders of Tomorrow

How to Apply

To be eligible to apply for Math Prize 2018, girls must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be in 11th grade or below as of February 2018 (and not be slated to graduate from high school or to start full-time college before the contest).
  2. Live or go to school (in person, not online, and not as an exchange student) in the United States or Canada. This condition must be met both at time of application and at time of the contest. If you don't live or go to school in the US or Canada, but are a US citizen or US permanent resident, then you may apply, but contact us first to find out what documentation we require.
  3. In February 2018, have taken an official administration of the AMC 10 or AMC 12 exam.
  4. Not be an immediate family member of an Advantage Testing employee.

If you meet all these criteria, then we welcome you to fill out our online application once available in early March. Please review the information in your application carefully. We ask for your scores on the one or two AMC exams that you took. If you aren't sure what your official AMC scores are or which exam(s) you took, please check with your AMC contest manager, usually a math teacher at your school. All scores are verified with the MAA. False information will be grounds for disqualification at any time.

Our application deadline is June 30, 2018. In July, we will send you another e-mail message to let you know whether your application to take our exam has been accepted. Selection will be based on official AMC scores. We will invite the top 300 of our applicants. Unfortunately, we do not have room to invite all of our applicants.

How to Apply
The application process is quick and easy.