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AMC Exams

To qualify for Math Prize 2018, you must first have taken one of the exams administered by the American Math Competitions (AMC) in February 2018. If you didn't take one of those exams, perhaps you can try again next year.

The AMC offers two relevant exams: the AMC 10 (for 10th graders and below) and the AMC 12 (for 12th graders and below). On February 7, a student can take the AMC 10A or AMC 12A (but not both). On February 15, a student can take the AMC 10B or AMC 12B (but not both). To qualify for our Math Prize, you must have taken the AMC 10A, 12A, 10B, or 12B.

If you took an official administration of one of those exams and meet our other eligibility criteria, then you may apply for our Math Prize.

AMC Exams
To apply make sure you have taken a relevant American Math Competitions exam